The Lincoln Assassination (DavidEMould) (Mirror)


  • Well, since i`ve discovered all of that stuff regarding the jesuits somehow i wanted to do my research on Abraham Lincoln. I mean his case is amazing. I know that Americans only learn superficial nonsense in school regarding the civil war. They never tell you who really was responsible, right? So i as a German felt that i really came short regarding the whole story of Lincoln.
  • I fell short. So i wanted to do my research on it and i`ve discovered amazing things. There`s a special book on it and there actually is a Jamaican christian who exposes the jesuits just like this guy Joggler does. So if Eileen has to lay on the couch over there and you have to go through all of that at home, i strongly recommend this video
  • M U S T – S E E !!!!!!!!!!



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